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The Warriors never wanted to use him as a 3D

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  • The Warriors never wanted to use him as a 3D

    Is Kuminga not self-disciplined enough? It seems that the team and the head coach have never spoken about him, but some veteran players and coaches said something like this last season. Some veteran players criticized the young rookies in the team last season for being late for training. This is a big or small thing. It can rise to the attitude of the players, or it Custom Baseball jersey can be said to be an insignificant little problem. In addition, the head coach has made it clear Custom Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Jersey : Design your personalized jerseys. Contact us Whatsapp: 8619306065668 that rookies can get good data by going to weak teams, but in the Warriors they can learn how to win first. Curry also once said to rookies that the data can be good, but winning comes first.

    These words can be seen as words to spur the rookies, but at the same time they can also be seen as a warning to some or a certain rookie. Obviously, there were only two main rookies for the Warriors last season, one was Kuminga and the other was Moody! The two played in garbage time most of the time, and didn't slowly get into the rotation until the middle of the season. Kuminga was a player who entered the rotation earlier than Moody's, and was also considered the fastest player to become a relative main force. But it was clear in the playoffs that Kerr was willing to switch to Moody on a few occasions, but after making a blunder with Kuminga, he was barely on the table.

    As a No. 7 pick like custom jerseys Kuminga, it is obvious that his average playing time per game in his rookie season is very average, and it is naturally a little uncomfortable to get it in garbage time. But as the Warriors, now players follow the team, and it is impossible for players to be above the entire team. Kuminga's training can only be done step by step. When comparing the two rookies, Kuminga and Moody, it is also obvious that wholesale jerseys Kuminga is more talented and Moody is more mature. If the warriors are trained, then Kuminga must be the first choice, but it takes time to cultivate Kuminga, and the second requires Kuminga to adapt himself.

    The Warriors can't possibly mention his playing time for more than 30 minutes as soon as he comes up, and he may not be able to play as hard as Jaylen Green in the team for two or three seasons. What the Warriors want is for Kuminga to gradually grow into an offensive and defensive forward. The ball will be released to him little by little, but Kuminga needs to grow. This is very important. It depends on whether Kuminga can sit still and wait. There is no young player who doesn't like data. They may not think about championships or winning games for the first time, but the current data and future big contracts. The Warriors will not just use Cuminga as a 3D player, but how to become a superstar depends on Cuminga himself.