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An informative essay is primarily meant to educate the readers on a particular topic under discussion. The essay, therefore, needs to be interesting to be able to capture the attention of the readers. In that regard, a writer is required to structure the essay into three parts. The beginning of the essay which presents the topic under discussion to capture the attention of the audience. This should include focusing sentence the whole essay. The next one is the middle part which contains all the relevant ideas to be covered and includes answers to all the audience questions well addressed. Finally, the ending part which gives a summary of the essay.
Therefore during the revision phase of the informative essay, the writer should make sure that the organization of the essay is orderly and logical. This makes it easier for the audience to understand the thesis of the essay. The five essential organizational features of an essay the writer should revise if they are in order are cause and effects, sequence, problem, and solution, compare and contrast and description of all the ideas intended to be discussed in the essay. Ensuring these features are in order and logic would enable the audience to get the flow of the essay and give a clear picture of what the essay is talking about thus a better understanding. Besides, looking at these features in this phase enables the writer to be able to notice where there are grammatical errors, punctuation, and spelling and thus corrects them.